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If you have nice items that would command good prices at our auction, please contact us at or call (603) 635-7025. We might be able to arrange pickup.

Begins about 9:30 am.

The Victor Spaulding Memorial Auction is so named to honor our past auctioneer, a treasured friend whose life with us was cut short just two months after Pelham Old Home Day in 1996. Many people of Pelham remember Victor as an active and prominent member of our community as well as the “Old Home Day Auctioneer”.


You won’t just find a little of everything, you’ll find a lot of everything and something for everyone. Expensive and cheap; big and small; old and new; treasures and trinkets; you name it, you’re likely to see it at the Old Home Day Auction. Yes we’ve even auctioned off the kitchen sink. We suggest you bring a big empty truck for all the “stuff” you’ll want to bring home.


Do you have anything you’ve been wanting to get rid of, like that stuff cluttering up the basement, or how about that old bike in the shed, or those golf clubs you retired after that dreadful round you played in 1982? Remember years ago when you could actually park your car in the garage? Me either, but Old Home Day can help! We are looking for good stuff that you don’t want or don’t need anymore that you are willing to donate to the auction. This is a tax deductible charitable contribution folks so make it a win-win situation. Help us support the missions of the Church and help yourself with a tax deduction, and other more heartfelt rewards of course. May the spirit of giving flourish forever.


We do not accept TVs, exercise equipment, broken appliances, computers, or monitors, hazardous materials, entertainment centers or worn upholstered furniture.



We accept cash or credit cards, no checks

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