Food Trucks

Serving your favorites . . . .

Hot Mess Poutine


Authentic Poutine and Smash burger


Cheese Curds, Maple Gravy, Shepherd's Pie, Beef Chili, Braised Beef, Maple Chicken, Burgers, Hand Cut Fries just to name a few!



Thwaites Market: 

English Meat Pies:


English Pork Pie | English Pork Sausage and Bangers


Thwaites Market an old-fashion English snack.




Mal's Grill: 

Burgers, fries, Sausage, Pulled Pork Tacos, Mac N Cheese, Jerk Chicken:


Where Everything Is Made From LOVE.




The Russian Dumpling:


Pelmeni beef or chicken A russina style ravioli filled with meat, Pierogi's a potato filled russian dumpling, Katletki A breaded meatball/meatloaf friend on the grill, Kielbasa with Carrot slaw are just to name a few delights.




Glen's Friend Dough




Anthony's Ice Cream

Yummy ice cream treats. 




Kona Ice:


Now, this isn’t just any shaved ice: this is the fluffiest, most delicious shaved ice this side of the islands. With Kona Ice, you get to flavor your own Kona shaved ice. That’s right! Our very own Flavorwave makes that possible. You’ll get your Kona from the window of the truck and then off you go to choose as much of as many flavors as you want! Flavor to your heart’s content. In do you - Kona style!

Get yours with a free smile on the side.

If you have questions about food trucks, or if you'd like to inquire about being a vendor for next year, email: