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Penny Sale

The penny sale is a tried and true cornerstone of Pelham's Old Home Day!  We welcome over 100 items to be raffled off from gift cards, themed baskets (gardening, cooking, spa, etc.) to beautiful, individual items donated by our



How does it work you ask?  You purchase a bundle of tickets and take your time, perusing the many prizes to be won, putting your chance into carefully chosen cans. 


This is a time-honored tradition and it's fun to watch returning folks with their process - some buy tickets in the morning and then return in the afternoon; some have "lucky" family members put their tickets in the cans; everyone has their process! 


We close ticket sales and begin calling winners at 4PM.  You do not have to be present to win, we will contact you and make arrangements for pick up.  


If you are a small business owner and would like the chance to be part of the penny sale for marketing, you can participate that way too!  Just email us at  Thank you!

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